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Riverside Prayer Ministry





Riverside Church family believes on the power of prayer and intercession. We love to pray and stand in the gap for the things that the Spirit of God puts in our hearts. and also to for the  prayer requests that we get from the dear children of God. If you feel passionate about prayer and want to join any of the following teams, know that you'll be always welcome irrespective of your background. If you have any prayer request, feel free to contact any of the following groups or send your prayer requests through email and be blessed. 

Riverside Tuesday Morning Prayer Team

If you are a morning person, come along to join the team of brothers and sisters. We share the prayer points that God has put in our hearts or have recieved from our near and dear ones. We unite our hearts and come in agreement for the said points and cry out to the Lord for answering the prayers knowing that He is the source of our blessings.

Day : Every Tuesday

Time : 7 am - 8 am (Feel free to leave in between if you have to)

Venue : Teaching Room, Riverside Christian Church building.

Riverside Women's Intercessory Group

Riverside  Women's Fellowship commits themselves to pray for the congregation, town and the country as led by Holy Spirit.

Day : Every Thursday 

Time : 11 am

Venue: Teaching Room, Riverside Christian Church building.

Riverside Prayer Group for the Persecuted Church

Riverside  Church family realises the responsibility to stand for the persecuted Body of Christ all over the world. As one of the ways to support and stand for the persecuted church , the prayer warriors get together to know whats the situation and the challenges of the church in other parts of the world and then pray for them as per their needs. We try to cover atleast 50 countries in a year. We also learn the details of each state /province of India and pray for the needs of the Church in that State. Thirdly, we share the details of one district from New Zealand and pray for the needs and revival in that district.

Day :  Thursday - Fortnightly

Time : 6.30 pm - 7.15 pm

Venue : Lounge, Riverside Christian Church building

Riverside Sunday Prayer Group

Just before the Sunday Service begins, a bunch of brothers and sisters devote their time to pray to the Lord for blessing the service with outpouring of His Spirit and  His Word, signs and wonders ; to see salvation, transformation of lives, reconciliation and touching theof every child to the oldest.

Day : Sunday

Time : 9.20 am

Venue : Teaching Room, Riverside Christian Church building.


Contact us via Email

022 362 1343

4 Ingestre Street Whanganui

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