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Discipleship Home Groups

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We want to see people being discipled and fueled in their relationship with God, so that they can be a fire for Him; not just with  each other, but by connecting with their community of people that they encounter on a daily basis.


Riverside has a wide range of small groups and home groups which meet on a weekly or on a fortnightly basis.

If you wish to join any small group we’d  love to meet you. If you want to know more about the small groups feel free to contact the church office for details. We would love to journey with you. 

Every Wednesday:

1. Following Yeshua, facilitated by David & Karyn in St. John's Hill

2. Whanganui East Home Group, facilitated by Dorothy in Whanganui East

3. Turakina Home Group, facilitated by Mark Surtees in Turakina

4. Discipleship Group, facilitated by Christine in Aromoho

Every Wednesday fortnightly

1. ABC of Christianity, facilitated by Lindsay in the Church buiding.


Contact us via Email

022 362 1343

4 Ingestre Street Whanganui

Join us Live 

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