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Riverside Outreach Ministry


Philip leads a team that reaches to the society with the message of gospel on streets every week with his clip chart. He motivates and trains the ones who feel called to do evangelism on streets. The team also installs a stall at Saturday market with the same objective.

You may find these enthusiasts for the Kingdom of God in New Plymouth or Palmerston North on Saturdays.

Feel free to contact Philip if you are interested to learn and involve in evangelism.


It's a privilege for the Church to take the hope in the gospel to the brothers in the prison every Wednesday. The Church believes in second chance for the prodigals and so stands strong in helping them get back in their life to lead a dignified life with their families. Avish serves the inmates as an assistant chaplain at Kaitoke prison while Monica counsels their family outside.


Riverside Christian Church is committed to serve the sick and vulnerable. The Church is involved with other churches in serving the hospital chapel for a month every year. The Church uses this opportunity to hep the Riverkids-intermediates and the seniors to understand the importance of service by involving them in the ministry actively.  Andrew and Monica are under training process to be able to serve as hospital chaplains. Avish is usually on roster as Locum Chaplain for the Whanganui hospital.


Contact us via Email

022 362 1343

4 Ingestre Street Whanganui

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