Riverside Youth Groups are a great way to 

find belonging. Connecting with others, growing

and finding discipleship, in God’s word, 

as we navigate our journey through life together.     

Young Adults



Youth Tuesday 6:30 PM

Facilitators: Josh and Casey 


Our vision is to proclaim God's Word

The center of our group is God. We aim to teach our youth the knowledge to go on to live fruitful lives. The teaching of the word of God is first priority when planning our group sessions, though we hope our youth find them fun and enjoyable also. To live true to this statement we commit ourselves to sharing the gospel at every meeting in some form whether the activity is based around learning or based around an activity.

To equip His church 

Josh and I have it in our hearts to equip young people as servants of God. The aim of our teachings and lessons is to grow leaders and disciples who have an active role in the church of God. We strive to challenge and grow our youth with our topics and discussions so that they may be strong in their faith and understanding. 

To build His family

In our planning Josh and I have the desire to see our group grow. We open our group to anyone of the right age group who is willing. At the same time we are hoping to develop strong relationships between our youth so that they can guide and assist each other in their walk with God. We also aim to encourage their participation in the wider church to grow their relationships with others in the community. We pray together and celebrate milestones and achievements with each other. 


In the future we hope to see this group grow in maturity, we seek opportunities such as conferences that we can utilize to expand their experience serving and their knowledge of God. We hope to see young leaders emerge who have a good relationship with each other and with God, as they will be the next leaders of the church.   

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Young Adults Thursday 6:30 PM

Facilitators: Samuel and Gabby 


Meeting weekly Young Adults is a welcoming place, where it’s ok not to have it altogether.  It is the place to come to enjoy discipleship, fellowship, adventure and fun, where we encourage  a deepening pursuit in relationship with the One who loves us authentically. Allowing God to transform us, from the inside out, as we live our lives more and more to their fullest created capacity, passing this passion for God and life onto others. We would love to meet you, welcoming you to doing life together, as part of our family.